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Like most of my customers, if you just have 2-3 days in Guilin, here is the best choice to take the essence of Guilin photography tour.

This tour covers 1-5 days itinerary, including almost all best of Guilin photography locations and activities, sunrise, sunset, karst mountains and rivers, rice terraces and rice fields, ancient towns and villages, local people potraits, and cormorant fishermen photography.

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DAY 1 in
Longji Rice Terraces

Visit Longji Rice Terraces, take photos of rice fields, minority village and people (2 hrs drive one way). The end of September and the week after the National Day Holiday (Oct. 1-7) are the best time of the year for the golden rice terraces photography. Generally, we start the tour from the hotel at 8:30am.

Besides the rice terraces view, we may take a visit of some local minority families, shoot portraits and their life in the old wooden houses.

Suggested Accommodations in Guilin

Aroma Tea House (Boutique) | Guilin Central Hostel (Budget)
Highlights in your itinerary
yao minority women Longji rice terraces in Spring
local farmers worked in the fields Longji rice terraces in Summer
chuanshan park panorama Red Yao minority woman was embroidering with her grandsons
DAY 2 in
Sunrise and Cormorant Fisherman

Heading to Xianggong Hill at 3:30am for the sunrise and Li River Bend photography (1.5 hrs drive). Xianggong Hill is one of the best spots for sunrise and classic landscapes shooting in Guilin area.

Take a visit of two eldest fishermen in the village, shoot portraits in their houses, and experience their old life.

Last, but the highlight of the day, we go by country road to Xingping ancient town, take photos of cormorant fisherman (casting their net and gas lamp portraits) and the amazing sunset on Li River (the place where the Chinese 20 Yuan notes take its picture).

Suggested Accommodations in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Mountain Escape (Boutique) | Yangshuo Mountain Nest (Boutique)
Highlights in your itinerary
xianggong hill sunset and li river bend Spectacular landscapes with amazing sunrise
fuli ancient stone bridge Bridge or the hole?
yao minority woman The eldest fisherman in Xingping
DAY 3 in
Daxu Ancient Town & Sunset
Daxu ancient town

Today is a relax day. We are going to the Daxu ancient town (40 minutes drive). We will take a visit of some local families, experience the old disappearing life.

Shoot people portraits and the ancient street and houses with red lanterns. I could arrange a model with red Chinese Qipao for street photography.

In the afternoon, heading to a mountain (1 hour drive from Guilin). Shoot the sunset over classic karst mountains and rivers from a high spot.

Suggested Accommodations

Aroma Tea House (Boutique) | Guilin Central Hostel (Budget)
Highlights in your itinerary
xianggong hill sunset and li river bend Local family visits and portraits photography
herbalist doctor Meet a herbalist doctor in his clinic
local farmers worked in the fields Countryside rice fields with beautiful rivers
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