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Here you will find all China photography workshops that we offer for 2023. Our photography workshops are for the novice and the experienced photographer — for anyone who is passionate about making great photographs. At our workshops, you will capture the light, color, landscapes, cormorant fishermen, rice terraces, mudflat, farmers in fields, and many other award-winning shots.

Join our 4-10 days photography trip to improve your skills and capture remarkable landscapes. Find my workshop schedule below, and if you have other questions email me at [email protected].

Despite the lack of sleep - due to photographing sunrises and sunsets, we had a terrific time with Top who was absolutely fabulous. Besides Top’s professionalism – both in terms of photography and tour guiding, he assisted us at the hotels, with meals, negotiating shopping, and was a real pleasure to be with. — David Jordan | Australia

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Photography Workshops

Xiapu Photography Workshop

Xiapu and Lishui Photo Workshop

June 15 - 19, 2023 September 12 - 19, 2023

Capture the locals' harvest scenes at sunrise, women returning home carrying baskets on shoulders on mudflat in golden light, buffalo farmer couple under the big banyan tree in sunray through trees, all in ​ Xiapu.

Yunnan Photography Workshop

Yuanyang Rice Terraces & Dongchuan Red Land Photo Workshop

March 7 - 14, 2023

Take a visit of two most photogenic places in ​ Yunnan, Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Dongchuan red land. Shoot the flooded rice terraces and reflections in fields at sunrise, and red high land in spring.

Cormorant Fisheren at Sunrise

Guilin & Yangshuo Photography Workshop

May 23 - 28, 2023 October 10 - 15, 2023

Experience the cormorant fishermen's life from dawn to dusk in ​ Yangshuo, farmers crossing the bridge with his buffalos in a peaceful village, following the minority people's steps on rice terraces and capture the spectacular landscapes.

Golden monkey photography

China Endangered Wildlife Photo Workshop

April 9 - 16, 2024

Photographing China endangered wildilfe: golden monkeys, Crested Ibis, Takins and Giant Pandas; experiencing the unique cave dwelling life, and northern Chinese culture.

Guizhou Photography Workshop

Guilin & Guizhou Photo Workshop

Coming soon

Capture the breaktaking landscapes, shooting cormorant fishermen from dawn to dusk and remarkable rice terraces in Guilin, experience the traditions of the minority people and tribal villages in colorful Guizhou.

Zhangye Photography Workshop

Zhangye & Jiayuguan (Gansu) Photo Workshop

Coming soon

Photograph blues, reds and golds are among the colours visible in the breathtaking rainbow Danxia mountains, and the western terminal point of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty - Jiayuguan Pass in desert.

Inner Mongolia Photography Workshop

Inner Mongolia Photo Workshop

Coming soon

The chance to shoot hundreds of horses running on wide, flat Mongolian grassland at dawn, capture the unique natural landscapes, crowds of sheeps and unique Mongolian daily life in yurts.