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Xiapu is actually not that popular by tourists, but it is deeply loved by worldwide photographers.

Xiapu, known as the most charming fishing village of China, which is located in the northeast of Fujian province. The local fishermen insert bamboo poles, fish nets and stone columns into the mudflats to dry their catch, creating a vast and striking crab web of black and white outlines. Bamboo poles, fishing nets and fishing boats create a spectacular scene that quite often looks like an old traditional Chinese ink brush painting.

What to Photograph in Xiapu?

When Is The Best Time to Visit Xiapu?

The best time to visit Xiapu is from April to November, good light and stable weather conditions relatively.

The Suggested Travel Dates to Xiapu in 2020

Month Suggested Travel Dates Month Suggested Travel Dates
April 5-9 20-24 May 5-9 20-24
June 4-8 19-23 July 3-7 18-22
August 2-6 16-20 September 1-4 14-18
October 1-4 14-18 November 12-16 26-30

How to Reach Xiapu

Xiapu is located about 150 km north of Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province. Now it is very easy to reach by highspeed trains from many big cities, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou and more.

Camera Gears Suggestions for Xiapu Photography Tour

Generally speaking, you need a wide angle lens and telephoto lens for Xiapu photography tour. Most of excellent mudflat photos and work scenes were taken by the lenses over 200mm. For a better angle, you will stand on a high spot that is far from mudflat and people who work there, so the lenses of 70-200mm or 200mm-500mm will help you get some super good shots.

For sunrise or sunset, you will capture the big pictures, the wide angle lenses will be very practical, such as 24-70, 16-35mm.

Besides, two cameras will be more convenient to shoot different scenes, the light changes very fast on mudflat, you may miss the sunray or red glow while you change the lens.

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