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Xiapu is praised as the most beautiful mudflat in China, with green sea, sliver beach and charming fishing boats. It's very easy to create Chinese paintings photgraphy here with many layers,. April and May are the season of seaweed harvest, best time to photoraph the local farmers and fishermen's work.

DAY 1 in
Fishing Rafts in Salt Farm & Mudflat in Backlighting

Heading to the Yantian (salt fields) village that the largest base of local fishermen in the early morning. Shoot the amazing landscapes and seaweed farming on rafts.

Shoot the rounded crabnets on the mudflat, the nets are colorful with unique textures.

Photograph the mudflat over sunset and local farmers' working scene in backlighting at Xiaohao beach. Xiaohao is one of the most popular photo sites. At the sunset glow, the golden mudflat, white surf and returning fishermen are making a great work.

Suggested Accommodation

4-star Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
Fishing Returning Home
Fishing Fishing
Salt Fields Salt Farm
DAY 2 in
Sunset + S-shaped Bend + Hanging Nets

Shoot the sunrise on the sea at Beidou. Here is also the ideal place to shoot the scene of fishermen coming home loaded with fishes and shrimps, and girls weaving and fixing the net.

Afterwards, heading to Shajiang village, photograph S-curved channels which are formed by bamboo poles and crab nets. Coming and leaving boats in seaweed harvest season make the village more interesting. We will shoot the working scene of seaweed drying and harvesting.

In the late afternoon, shoot the hanging nets at Yangjiaxi. Hanging nets were tools for shrimps fishing. The lines of nets in wind are becoming a popular photography subjects.

Suggested Accommodation

4-star Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
Working Fishermen Working Fishermen
Working Fishermen Working Fishermen
hang net Hanging Net
DAY 3 in
Sunrise + Sunset

Shoot the sunrise in Mantou (steamed bun) Hill, there is a small coastal rock formation hill in the middle of beach, looks like a steamed bun in a distance.

Afterwards, photograph the locals' working scene of collecting, hanging and drying seaweed in the Bailu(Egret) Village.

Heading to Dongbi in late afternoon, shoot the sunset over mudflat, there are a few water channels, look like a brandishing scarf under the sunset glow.

Suggested Accommodations

4-Star Hotel (Medium)
Highlights in your itinerary
A Woman Returning from Work A Woman Returning from Work
Working Fishermen A Woman Returning from Work
Working Fishermen A Woman Returning from Work
DAY 4 in
Buffalo Farmer with Banyan Tree + Departure
Buffalo farmers under the banyan tree

Shooting the sunrise and locals' working scene at the beach of Beiqi. Local people gave this place a interesting name, tiger-striped beach, as the texture of the beach looks like the tiger's skin. Bamboo structures and poles, buoys and fishing vessels provide human counterpoints to the natural beauty of this area

Last, will be the last highlight of this trip. Heading to Yangjiaxi, which is famous for the giant banyan tree forest, shoot the farmer couple with their buffalos under a big banyan tree, and sunray shinning through the branches and leaves, you will be shocked by every moment.

Xiapu Depature.

Highlights in your itinerary
Buffalo Farmers Under the Banyan Tree Buffalo Farmers Under the Banyan Tree
Net Fishing Net Fishing
early morning fishing Early Morning Fishing
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