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Local Expertise in Tailor-making and Guiding

As dedicated photographers ourselves, we understand the significance of capturing your desired images. Our team is ready to start early, as early as 3 am, to ascend the mountain at 4:30 am for sunrise and descend at 8 pm after sunset.

Our skilled guides are equipped with full-frame cameras from Nikon, Canon, and Sony. We cater to your preferences by arranging suitable guides for your photo tour, and offer guidance on camera settings and composition techniques.

With over 100 mountain expeditions per year, some of our guides are well acquainted with the cormorant fishermen and their locations. Additionally, we have extensive knowledge of sunrise angles in different seasons, enabling us to select the best sites for capturing the most photogenic moments.

"It's a great mixture of people and landscape... Mercier really know about what you need for taking great shots."
Heiner Kraft, Germany

We Guided Worldwide Photographers

  • In September 2019, we assisted Austin Mann in capturing a stunning photo of cormorant fishermen using an iPhone 11 Pro. This photo was later chosen by Apple to promote the device.
  • Together with us, Alexander Alexandrov filmed a documentary about fishermen, which was published on numerous media outlets.
  • Sarah Wouters achieved a spot on the final list of the HIPA photo contest with a beautiful photo that she captured alongside Mercier Zeng.
  • Timothy H. Joyce has also been a successful contest participant, winning multiple photography competitions in the USA.

Here are just some photographers we've worked with...

  • 1650+ photographers
  • 57 countries

Day Tours Planning

  • 1 day in Yangshuo | classic mountain sunrise + cormorant fishermen at sunset
  • 2 days in Yangshuo + Longji | one day with classic sunrise + cormorant fishermen at sunset; one day in Longji rice terraces
  • 3-4 days in Yangshuo + Longji | 2 days focus on karst mountains, cormorant fishermen; and the rest days in Longji rice terraces
  • 5 days in Guilin + Yangshuo + Longji | If you have 5 or more days, can spend more time to explore the countryside life, buffalo farmers, minority family visits, local markets, etc.

Here are our previous customers' choices.

  • 10% 1 day
  • 20% 2 days
  • 40% 3 days
  • 30% 4+ day