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Local Experts in Tailor-making and Guiding

We are photographers. We understand how important this photo tour is to you. We shall be happy to start at 3 am, climb the mountain at 4:30 am for sunrise, and get down from the sunset mountain at 8 pm.

Our guides use Nikon, Canon and Sony full-frame cameras. We can arrange photo guides according to your taste. We can instruct you on camera settings and compositions.

Some of our guides go to the mountains 100+ times every year, and meet the cormorant fishermen once or twice a week. We know the sunrise angles at different seasons, so we go to different locations to capture the most photogenic moments.

"It's a great mixture of people and landscape... Mercier really know about what you need for taking great shots."
Heiner Kraft, Germany

We Guided Worldwide Photographers

  • We helped Austin Mann took a photo of cormorant fisherman with iPhone 11 Pro in September 2019, the photo was selected by Apple to advertise iPhone 11.
  • Alexander Alexandrov - Filmed a documentary of fishermen with us and published on many medias
  • Sarah Wouters - went to the final list of HIPA photo contest with a photo that took with Mercier Zeng
  • Timothy H. Joyce - won couple of photo contest in USA

Here are just a few of photographers we've guided...

  • 1340+ photographers
  • 57 countries

Day Tours Planning

  • 1 day in Yangshuo | classic mountain sunrise + cormorant fishermen at sunset
  • 2 days in Yangshuo + Longji | one day with classic sunrise + cormorant fishermen at sunset; one day in Longji rice terraces
  • 3-4 days in Yangshuo + Longji | 2 days focus on karst mountains, cormorant fishermen; and the rest days in Longji rice terraces
  • 5 days in Guilin + Yangshuo + Longji | If you have 5 or more days, can spend more time to explore the countryside life, buffalo farmers, minority family visits, local markets, etc.

Here are our previous customers' choices.

  • 10% 1 day
  • 20% 2 days
  • 40% 3 days
  • 30% 4+ day