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City people are repressed, you can't see the stars and the Milky Way, you can't live in Natural. The Milky Way can make people excited, but you can relax as nature shows you who you are. Fortunately, there are many countryside and mountain areas in Guilin, I can easily experience the Nature at the right time.

Enjoying the landscapes in the day time, shooting the Milky Way at night.

The right time to shoot the Milky Way in Guilin is from July to October, but the best times are August and September.

Basic Camera Settings for Milky Way Photography

Shutter speed – 30 seconds: I shot most of the night using a 30 second shutter speed (meaning that a professional tripod is necessary).  I find that if you use a shutter speed that is too long, the stars in the sky start to look oblong because of Earth’s rotation.

Aperture – f/2.8: Normally, you would want to use a high aperture for landscape photography to achieve maximum depth-of-field.  Photographers often get tricked into thinking they need a very high aperture since the stars are far away, but remember that depth-of-field is about how much of the picture is sharp, not where the sharpness appears.

So the correct aperture for milky way photography should be big as possible, I understand not all lenses have f/2.8.

ISO – 3200: Normally, photographers like to keep the ISO as low as possible to prevent the photos from becoming grainy.  However, many types of night photography require high ISO values.  

Since shot at ISO3200, there is definitely some noise in the picture you took.  Frankly, that is unavoidable with current technology, but there are quite a few things you can do to at least mitigate the noise in the photo caused by the high ISO and long shutter speed.   One of those methods is long exposure noise reduction. Long exposure noise reduction is available on all DSLRs.

Best Time in August & September

Milky way photography should be on new moon time, so the best time is Aug.1-10; Aug.23-Sept.8; Sept. 25-30.

Guilin Milky Way Photography Milky Way Over the River Bend
Guilin Milky Way Photography A Fisherman Under the Milky Way
Guilin Milky Way Photography Milky Way through a cave
Guilin Milky Way Photography Milky Way Reflections
Guilin Milky Way Photography Milky Way Over the Bridge
Guilin Milky Way Photography Milky Way with live village