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Longji Rice Terraces Photography

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Longji (Dragon's backbone in Chinese) Rice Terraces, well known for it's unique terraced fields and long-hair Yao minority women.

Here is a mixture of nature and minority culture. You can meet two main minority people in villages.

There are two main minority villages for photography, Dazhai (big tribe in Chinese) village and Ping An village.

Dazhai village, well known for the local long hair Yao minority women, most of women have over 1 meter long back hair. There are over 5 best photography spost with different view. It's good for sunrise photography.

Ping An village is smaller relatively, because of it's unique valley and mountains around, high possibilities to shoot mist surrounding the village after rain.

Best time for Longji Rice Terraces photography

  1. The begining of March, rape flowers everywhere.
  2. The end of April, it's the time of fertilizing, all fiels become red.
  3. June 8-10, it is the irrigation time, all fields in villages are shining in the morning, and there are also some celebrations for planting.
  4. July to September, beautiful cloud and pure sky.
  5. Oct. 6-7, the end of Chinese National Holiday, and yellow fields all mountains.

Is it worth to stay overnight in the village?

Yes, of course. Especially for photographers.

There are hundreds of hotels and hostels in villages, some hotels are western-friendly with western breakfast, big and clean rooms with rice terraces view, soft mattress and English speaking stuff.

Stay overnight in a hotel located at the top of the mountains, then you have opportunity shoot the sunrise over rice paddies and golden shinning in flooded fields.

What the photos look like in each month?