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If you know Guilin, you must hear about Longji Rice Terraces, it is a must-see for the people come to Guilin because it's unique terraces and long-hair Yao minority women.

Here is a mixture of nature and minority. You can meet the local minority people all the way. Most travelers come here to witness the marvelous rice terraces.

There are serveral good travel time in a year:

  1. The begining of March, rape flowers everywhere.
  2. The end of April, it's the time of fertilizing, all fiels become red.
  3. Jun. 8-10, it is the irrigation time, all fields are shining in the morning, and there are also some celebrations for farming.
  4. July and August, beautiful cloud and pure sky.
  5. Oct. 6-7, the end of Chinese National Holiday, and yellow fields all mountains.

There are couple of minority villages in Longji area, for photography, we normally go Ping An village and Dazhai village.