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Daxu Ancient Town Photography

Daxu is an ancient town over 1000 years old. It is on the bank of the Li River, and only half an hours' drive from Guilin city.

You could take half a day there to look at the ancient buildings, experience the local's life, and go into a house and chat with the nice people. You will find some old things like fans, a dress box, old furniture, tough books and more. If you are interested in these little things, remember to bargain with them.

I have been here many times a year, and I took lots of photos and showed them to you here. I'm updating from time to time.

If you like these photos or would like to visit here, I could give you a hand. Any questions, let me know: mercierzeng@gmail.com.

Red Lanterns in Rain Mar. 20 / 2016
Keep Calligraphy Practising Aug. 10 / 2017
Live with the door May 13/ 2016
Door Crack View Jun. 11 / 2017
Play Chinese Guitar Jun. 20 / 2017
Peaceful Night in the town Jul. 19 / 2015
Times Met May 10 / 2017
Coming up from Basement Aug. 9 / 2017
Door Cavings Oct. 20 / 2016