Top Things to Know

What to photograph in Guizhou?

Miao & Dong minority villages

Zhaoxing Dong village - can be reached by a 3-hour drive from Guilin. It is one of the largest villages of its kind in the region, with fewer tourists visiting compared to other villages. This makes it an ideal spot for photography, especially at night when the organized architecture can be captured in stunning detail, as seen in the top banner photo..

Xijiang Miao village - the largest Miao village in all of China, and offers a breathtaking night view that surpasses imagination. The village presents many opportunities for photography, especially portraits of Miao peopley.

Basha Miao village - situated around two hours' drive from the Longji rice terraces (Guilin), is the last remaining Gun-Toting tribe in China. Here, visitors can witness traditional haircuts and shaves using sickles, as well as an exciting gun show in the village square.

Guizhou tribe festivals and minority interaction

Shiqiao Miao village boasts an ancient papermaking technology.

Sisters' Meal Festival - During the festival, young Miao men and women don festive attire and gather in the village to celebrate in a simple, unsophisticated, and distinctive ceremony. Often referred to as the "oldest oriental Valentine's Day," it holds a special place in Miao culture..

Lusheng Festival - Lasting for four days, the festival is an opportunity to witness Miao people dressed in traditional attire, dancing, and playing reed instruments in the village. It is a fascinating spectacle and an excellent opportunity to capture the unique and diverse Miao people's decorations in one place.

Guizhou Landscape Photography

The Guizhou region boasts numerous mountains and hills, which present abundant opportunities for nature photography and scenic exploration.

Among these natural wonders, the Huangguoshu waterfall stands out as one of China's most renowned waterfalls. Additionally, the Lipo region has earned the moniker of "Little Jiuzhaigou," while the karst mountains in Xingyi county are known as the "Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks."

Best time to visit Guizhou

If you are mainly interested in the minority people and their tribal culture, any time could work.

However, if you wish to capture both the landscapes and the minority villages in your photographs, the best time to visit would be from May to October. During this period, there is less rain and more stable weather, increasing the likelihood of capturing stunning sunrises and sunsets.

How long do I need for a visit to Guizhou?

To fully experience the top attractions in Guizhou, it's advisable to allocate at least 7 days in the area. This will allow you to visit 3-5 Miao minority villages and spend 3-4 days capturing the beautiful landscapes.

If you plan to extend your photo tour to Guilin, it would be wise to spend 3-4 days in the Guilin Yangshuo area, as it complements the Guizhou itinerary well.

How to get to Guizhou from Guilin, Hong Kong, Yunnan and other photography destinations?

High speed train is definitely the first choice for you. Wherever you are from or going to.

  • Guilin to Guiyang | Over 20 trains everyday, it takes about 2.5 hours.
  • Hong Kong to Guiyang | There is only one direct high speed train from Hong Kong (West Kowloon Station) to Guiyang North Station, G312 (12:06 - 17:38)
  • Kunming to Guiyang | 20+ trains every day, about 2.5 hours ride.

Besides, it is also very convenient to reach Guizhou by direct train from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie and Chengdu.