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Guilin Climate and Weather Forecast

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As a photographer, we all know that the weather is one of the most important factors. So it is definitely necessary to check out the Guilin climate and weather forecast before starting to plan a Guilin photography trip.

Guilin is a rainy, cold and hot city.

Guilin rains frequently from December to April, light rain. The coldest months are January and February with an average temperature of 8°C. The summer starts from June, and it gets cool after October, the average temperature is 28°C.

The Best Time for The Best Photos

  • November - January: Golden gingko leaves and old villages, ancient towns, karst caves.
  • February - April: Ancient towns and villages, Lonji Rice Terraces with water in the fields.
  • May - October: Best time of the year. Guilin landscapes, sunrise and sunset, the cormorant fisherman; Longji Rice Terraces; night life with galaxy and stars.

Some Dates You Should Avoid

There is a very distinct low season and high season in Guilin. From May to October is the high season in Guilin, the streets become busy and hotel rates raise. Some holidays are extremely crazy, 3 even 10 times as many tourists come here. Don't let the crowds destroy your unique trip, just avoid the following dates: Qingming Festival (Apr. 3-5); Labor day week (May 1-3); Mid Autumn Festival(Sept.14-16); China National Holiday (Oct. 1-7)

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