Best Time to Visit Guilin

Guilin Best Time to Visit Guilin

May to October is the best season for photography in Guilin due to its reduced rainfall and increased chances of good lighting for landscapes. In 2022, the most ideal period for landscape photography was from August to September, where we experienced impeccable sunrises and sunsets. Nonetheless, the first half of the year had an unusually prolonged rainy season from February to June.

Nevertheless, the best time for photography is subjective to the subject matter being captured.

While March to May is ideal for capturing flooded rice terraces, it may not be optimal for mountain and river photography as there are fewer opportunities for clear sunrise and sunset shots.

From June to August, there are more chances to take stunning sunrise and sunset photographs of mountains and rivers, but there's also a higher possibility of rainstorms or even typhoons, resulting in flooded and dirty rivers. As with everything in life, perfection unattainable.

However, with a stroke of luck, you can capture great photos in any month. Check out the accompanying pictures taken throughout the year, from January to December.

Guilin Weather Data by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Avg. Temp (°C) 9 9.7 13.6 19.1 23.9 26.5 28.7 28.4 26.6 21.8 15.8 11.1
Min. Temp (°C) 5.2 6.3 10.1 15.1 19.8 22.3 24.2 23.5 21.4 16.8 11.2 6.5
Max. Temp (°C) 12.8 13.1 17.1 23.1 28 30.7 33.3 33.3 31.9 26.9 20.4 15.7
Avg. Temp (°F) 48.2 49.5 56.5 66.4 75.0 79.7 83.7 83.1 79.9 71.2 60.4 52.0
Min. Temp (°F) 41.4 43.3 50.2 59.2 67.6 72.1 75.6 74.3 70.5 62.2 52.2 43.7
Max. Temp (°F) 55.0 55.6 62.8 73.6 82.4 87.3 91.9 91.9 89.4 80.4 68.7 60.3
Rainfall (mm) 55 84 140 135 347 332 218 179 83 88 66 48
Rain days 16 16 19 20 19 18 16 15 8 10 9 9
Humidity (%) 73 75 79 81 81 82 79 78 73 70 67 67
Rainy Season Best Time Low Season

It's possible that you're already aware that Guilin receives a significant amount of rainfall. However, it's worth noting that heavy rain during the months of June to October can be beneficial, as it has the ability to cleanse the atmosphere and reveal the stunning mountains, making it an ideal time for capturing landscape photography.

Hints for Choosing the Right Time to Go

Due to the high humidity levels in Guilin, the mountains and sky in the area often appear hazy. However, heavy rain, particularly following a typhoon, can result in clear visibility of both the mountains and sky. If your travel plans are flexible, it's advisable to review the monthly weather forecast to plan a photography tour after a typhoon.

Guilin is typically impacted by typhoons from June through October. After a typhoon, the mountains may remain clear for up to a week, and sunrise may provide excellent opportunities to capture stunning images of the sea of clouds between the mountain peaks.

Best time to visit Guilin Taken in August

Best Time for Longji Rice Terraces Photography

The ideal time for photography of the Guilin Longji rice terraces depends on your preference for capturing either the flooded or the golden fields. Typically, photographers focus on two seasons: when the fields are flooded and when they turn yellow during the harvest.

To capture the flooded rice terraces and the misty village, plan your visit between March and mid-June, as rice seedlings are transplanted around June 20th every year.

For those interested in shooting the golden rice terraces, the recommended time to visit is from late September to mid-October, as rice harvesting usually takes place around October 20th..

Please keep in mind that planting and harvesting dates may vary depending on the weather conditions. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid visiting during the first week of October, as it coincides with a national holiday in China and can be quite crowded.

Best time to visit Guilin rice terraces Taken in May
Best time to visit Guilin rice terraces Taken in October

Travel Smart - Dates to Avoid in 2024

Guilin experiences clearly defined low and high seasons, with the period from May to October being the high season. During this time, photography and tourist hotspots tend to be crowded, and hotel prices tend to rise. Furthermore, certain holiday periods are particularly busy, with three to ten times more tourists than usual.

To ensure that your trip is not spoiled by the crowds, it is advisable to avoid the dates listed below when planning your Guilin photo tour in 2024. Although most photography locations are intended solely for photographers, the number of Chinese photographers visiting the area is rapidly increasing year after year.

  • Qingming Festival: April 4-6, 2024
  • Labor Day Week: May 1-5, 2024
  • Dragon Boat Festival: June 8-10, 2024
  • Mid Autumn Festival: September 15-17, 2024
  • China National Day Holiday: October 1-7, 2024

Photographs Taken From January to December

Best time to visit Guilin in January Taken in January
Best time to visit Guilin in February Taken in February
Best time to visit Guilin in March Taken in March
Best time to visit Guilin in April Taken in April
Best time to visit Guilin in May Taken in May
Best time to visit Guilin in June Taken in June
Best time to visit Guilin in July Taken in July
Best time to visit Guilin in August Taken in August
Best time to visit Guilin in September Taken in September
Best time to visit Guilin in October Taken in October
Best time to visit Guilin in November Taken in November
Best time to visit Guilin in December Taken in December