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How to Get to Guilin

Now Guilin can be connected with over than 30 main cities in China via flights and high speed trains, as well as international flights with Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. The most recommended China gateway cities to Guilin: Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

High speed railways are developd so fast in China, more than 30 new railways are opened every year. If transport time is less than 5 hours, I highly recommend you to take the high speed trains intead of flights. High speed trains never delay, clean, much more space inside, larger seats, and your can walk around when you get tired.

How to Get to Guilin from China Gateway Cities

From To Recommended Transport
Beijing Guilin Flight (3h) more than 10 flights a day
Shanghai Flight (2h45m) or Train (9h) 7 flights a day | only one high speed train
Guangzhou Train (2h50m) Departure every 15 min
Hong Kong Flight (1h25m) or train via Shenzhen Two flights (same departure time) a day
Shenzhen Train (3h) 5 trains a day

How to Take the Subway from Guangzhou Airport to Guangzhou South Railway Station?

From Guangzhou Baiyun International airport to Guangzhou South Railway Station, subway is the most recommended and convenient transportation. It takes about one and half an hour. Following the intruction, you can easily travel between Guangzhou airport and railway staion.

1 Find and follow the Metro sign You can easily find the sign of Metro when you get out from the immigration gate. Follow the sign and find the entrance of metro.
2 Buy the tickets When you get to the entrance, buy the tickets on tickets machine. The easiest payment ways are by Wechat or Alipay, or by Chinese cash, that is, you have to exchange some money first in the airport when you arrive.
3 Take Line 3 After buying the tickets, take the Line 3, it is very easy to find the sign.
4 Off the Line 3 at the stop of Jiahewanggang Jiahewanggang (in Chinese: 嘉禾望岗), it should be the fifth stop.
5 Interchange Line 2 Get off at the last stop, the last stop is just Guangzhou South Railway Station.

How to Buy Flights or Train Tickets?

There are many English websites can buy flights, Ctrip is recommended.

It is also very easy to buy a train tickets online or download a China Train Booking app on your phone, then you can buy or change the tickets any time. They can deliver your tickets to your hotel or you get it by yourself in any train stations with booking number.