5-Day Yellow Mountains & Villages Photography Tour

The Highlights of Huangshan

A private photographic trip of landscapes and ancient villages.

We've put together an amazing photo tour in Guilin. You'll get to take pictures in stunning rice terraces, with different tribes, and during beautiful sunrises and sunsets over mountains. We'll also capture the traditional cormorant fishing at dawn and visit local families. It's a memorable photo adventure, and you'll come back with a fantastic collection of pictures of landscapes, culture, and people.

Cities Covered: Huangshan

Private & Custom
  • Duration 5 days, 4 nights
  • Fitness level Upper Medium
  • Drone friendly No


Day 1 - Huangshan Arrival

Arriving in Huangshan.

Huangshan is conveniently located near Shanghai, easily accessible from both Shanghai and Hangzhou. Direct flights and high-speed trains also connect it to many other cities.

If you can reach Huangshan before 2 pm, we recommend ascending the mountain on the same day instead of staying overnight in downtown.

5-Day Yellow Mountains & Villages Photography Tour

Day 2 - Yellow Mountains

Head towards the Yellow Mountains and reach the summit using a cable car.

Your guide will start by guiding you to Shixin Peak, passing through numerous captivating photography spots featuring incredible rock formations and pine trees.

Following a satisfying lunch at a hotel, continue your journey to Lion Peak, renowned for its exceptional opportunities for capturing rocky mountain vistas and scenic valleys. Be prepared to capture stunning shots of a sunset or the mystical mist settling in the valley.

5-Day Yellow Mountains & Villages Photography Tour

Day 3 - Yellow Mountains

Start your day at 5 am by climbing Lion Peak for a sunrise photo session with the rocky mountains.

After breakfast, head to the next great spot: West Sea Grand Canyon. It's perfect for capturing mountains, clouds, pine trees, canyons, and birds.

Take some awesome shots at Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion, where you can photograph the stone forest and U-shaped valley. Then, walk down to the canyon bottom in about an hour for close-up shots of spectacular rocks.

After a short break at the next hotel, walk to a cliff-side for a sunset photo shoot of the mountains and stone forest. This spot offers a good chance to get stunning photos of the sea of clouds.

5-Day Yellow Mountains & Villages Photography Tour

Day 4 - Yellow Mountains - Hongcun

Get up early and take a short walk to a cool spot for sunrise photos with mountains.

After breakfast, come down from the mountain and check out Xidi ancient village with its old houses and cool ancient buildings.

Visit Hongcun ancient village next. It's great for street photos, and you can capture cool shots of buildings, people, and reflections in the lake during sunset.

Stay overnight in the downtown.

5-Day Yellow Mountains & Villages Photography Tour

Day 5 - Ancient Village & Departure

Enjoy breakfast and journey to a hidden ancient village atop a mountain. This village proudly retains houses built in the traditional Anhui style. After a 30-minute walk to the viewpoint, capture the charm of the traditional village set in a bamboo forest, with the possibility of a stunning sea of clouds backdrop if luck is on your side.

To end the tour, we'll drop you off at the airport or train station for your departure.

5-Day Yellow Mountains & Villages Photography Tour

Trip Notes

What's included?
  • Photography guide
  • Private transportation
  • Entrance fees
  • Expenses for people photography and family visits
  • Accommodation for 4 nights in boutique hotels
  • Airport/railway station pick-up and drop-off
What's not included?
  • Flight/train to Guilin
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals
  • Tips for guide and driver if satisfied
What's the accommodation situation?

At the mountain's summit, there are approximately 10 hotels, all owned by the local tourism authority. Because of the challenges in construction, these hotels are relatively expensive, with prices ranging from $170 to $550, spanning from three-star accommodations to luxury options.

In the downtown area, there are numerous hotel choices, and the local five-star hotel typically ranges from $80 to $150.

How can I customize this itinerary?

Telling us your requirements, such as adding one more day or making it shorter, or focus on landscapes more. We can easily design a new itinerary by your interests.

What gears should I bring?

It's recommended to bring two cameras: one with a regular lens like 24-70mm and another with a zoom lens such as 70-200mm. This setup saves time on changing lenses and serves as a backup.

Based on our experience, the zoom lens is more frequently used for photography in Guizhou.

A tripod is essential for sunrise, sunset, and capturing the nightlife of villages.

ND filters prove highly beneficial, particularly in long-exposure scenarios for waterfall photography.

Drones are prohibited in the Yellow Mountains, but you are allowed to fly drone in the ancient villages.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your trip a month before the departure date, you will receive a complete refund.

In the event of a cancellation within 30 days of departure, we can retain your payment as credit for your next journey.

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