Photography changes travel style
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My Story

I'm working as a marketing manager and webmaster in a very reputable travel agency - China Highlights ( since 2008.

All people came to Guilin and were shocked by its amazing landscapes. However, most of people travel in a tourist way, it's not so bad but a feeling hard to say. I witness that they were strugglling and looking for their guides in a thousands of tourist crowd; visiting the ancient towns with kinds of souvenir shops; having dinner in a noisy tourist restaurant, and many cases like these.

I wish people come here can go off the beaten path to experience the unique beauty of Guilin, go into a local's family and get to know a normal Chinese daily life. You can not get inspired in tourist land, only photography can make you go deeper and stay cool. That's why I made and to be a photography guide. I'm helping you also make me understand this land further, and love it more.

What Makes Me Different

As a tour guide, I’m familiar with the places; as a driver, I know where to stop and which the right route is; as a photographer, I know when the best time is and where the best positions are. Now to be a photography guide, I can easily catch your interests and make it happen. That’s what Mercier Zeng do.


Create A Unique Trip by Listening to You

All my photography trips are customized depending on your insterets and photography level. You can take things at your own pace. Get up early, stay out late, take time over sight-seeing or dinner – it’s up to you. I will ensure you get the trip you want.

Normally, I drive my car. We can stop anytime and anywhere, that’s exactly normal tourist car drivers won’t do, they complain if get up too early; even refuse to go extra places.


Local Expert Knowledge

I take you to places even no guidebook mentions – and make sure you take the big name sites without the big crowds. You would experience the true flavor of the places and people, backed by the highest quality service.

I know where the best photography spots and when the best time to visit these places; when the local minority celebrations happens; what kind of photos can take in each season.


Take the Amazing Photos as You Expected

People plan a Guillin photography tour, as they saw some amazing photos of Guilin landscapes and nice people from internet. They choose me, because I'm a real local photography, and I have great photos on my website. Just let me know what you want and you will get what you want.


Coffee Time On The Way

Photography is indeed a tough work. Get back to the hotel almost 11:00 pm, and get up for sunset at 3:00 am, I know you are really tired and longed for a cup of coffee. I’m sure no coffee shop opens at that time, even don’t mention on the top of mountains.

However, you can enjoy your coffee time while waiting for sunrise. Mostly, I take the instant coffee and a big bottle of hot water along with the car. Just let me know if you need it.

My Unique Hometown

I was born in north of China, my hometown is in Loess Plateau. My friends can't believe that when I told them my family still live in cave dwelling, and they can't imagine what the cave dwelling is, can you? Cave dwelling is the unique construction and very popular in northwest of China, especially, in Shaanxi, Ningxia and Gansu province.

Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is about the attitude you take and the choices you make when travelling - to respect and benefit local people, their cultures, economy and the environment!

  • Visiting local families also means to help them
  • Offering real life experience
  • Traveling off the beaten places to reduce the damage to those common attractions
  • Join in locals' work or commmunity
  • Using private car when less people, instead of big van
In Mount Everest, Tibet, altitude of 5500 m