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When people talk about Guilin photography, they are talking about Yangshuo photography acatully.

Almost all beautiful karst mountains are in Yangshuo area, the paradise of landscape photography.

Most popular and classic cormorant fishermen photographs were all taken in Xingping, which is an ancient town and about 40 min drive from Yangshuo.

The award-winning photos of worldwide photographers are all about karst mountains and Li River in Yangshuo territory.

We lead you to create unique photos

  • We are always exploring unique locations
  • We are working from 4am to 9pm
  • We are on-timing to make sure you take up the best spots in popular mountains
  • We take you to visit the authentic families in less visited villages
  • We know camera settings in different cases for a better shot

What to photograph in Yangshuo?

#1 The most beautiful landscape at sunrise

Climb the mountains in the an early morning, capture the beautiful mountains in blue hour, sunbirth until sunray through clouds.

Meet the miracle sea of clouds in between mountains.

June to November normally presents the best views.

Yangshuo Photography Tours

#2 Sunset over karst mountains

The best time to photograph sunset view are before or after summer rainstorm season, the sunny days after rain or a cold day.

Yangshuo Photography Tours

#3 Cormorant fishermen and fishing lights in the Li River

Yangshuo Photography Tours

#4 The spectacular mountain reflections at dawn in the Li River

Yangshuo Photography Tours

#5 The peaceful and idyllic countryside life

Yangshuo Photography Tours

#6 Ancient residence and story-telling people

Yangshuo Photography Tours

Yangshuo Photography Tour Inspiration

Yangshuo Photography Tours
Landscape Sunrise + Cormorant Fisherman at Sunset

Capture the sunrise and sea of clouds in between mountains.

The cormorant fisherman is the highlight of Yangshuo photography. Shoot the casting net in red glow and gas lamp portraits in blue hour.

Sunset and Karst Peaks
Landscapes Sunrise + Sunset

The trip is an off-the-beaten track. Go climbing a few mountains, even rock climbing. You will be shocked by amazing karst landscapes. Enjoy sunrise from mountains, shoot sunset goes down mountains.

The photos here are what I will take you to shoot.

Sunset and Karst Peaks
Mountain Sunrise + Bamboo Rafting + Old Fisherman Family Visit + Sunset

The main itinerary will focus on Xingping ancient town area. The sceneries arround Xingping are amazing.

Starting from the mountain sunrise, admire the landscape of the Li River by the motorized rafting. Photograph karst mountains, small villages near lake, and take a visit of the oldest fishermen.