Which Cameras and Lenses Should I Take?

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If you are struggling what cameras and lenses for this trip, here are some practicle suggestions. On Guilin photography tour, you will need a zoom lens to shoot highlight spots that you can't reach, a fixed lens for portraits, and a wide angle lens for landscapes. You gears will be heavy, but it is the photography.

Should I carry one camera or two?

If you are a tough guy, take two. Will save lots of time to change lenses, easy to capture some evanescent moments, like the golden light in river, ray of sunshine on rice paddies, and moving buffalos by riverside.

Of course, one camera with one lens is fine. The lens is better be an all-cover, can shoot landscapes and portraits. 24-70mm f/2.8 or 18-108mm f/4.5-5.6 are good.

Here are some suggestions about lenses. Just take one of each.

Zoom 70-200mm
Fixed 35mm F/1.8 | 50mm F/1.4 | 85mm F/1.4
Wide 14-24mm | 16-35mm
All cover 24-70mm | 18-105mm
Tripod Light and stable tripod
Lighting Flash lighting (not very necessary)
Lit Headlight | Torch light
Memory Cards
SD/CF At least 3 32GB cards for a 3+ days trip
CPL (Circular-Polarizing Filters) for landscapes GND (Graduated Neutral-Density Filters) for sunrise and sunset ND (8 or 10 stops) for river or waterfall shooting