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Here are some useful tips for planning a China photography tour. The clothes and shoes to bring, medicine to take, and important things your should know.

Travel Light As Possible

The camera gears are not light, and you may need all of them. So only way is to reduce the weight of wearing, here are some suggestions on clothes (supposed that it is a 10-day tour):

  • One jacket, 3 T-shirts, two shorts
  • A pair of outdoor shoes, and slippers
  • A warm jacket and long pants if your are traveling China in winter
  • Water proff jacket - lots of rain in Guilin

Better not traveling with over 24 inches suitcases, especially for train travel. Like Guilin, some train stations have no elevator or escalator, you have to carry your luggages walk up 50 steps, then walk down 50 steps, and even more. Highly suggested that put all camera gears in a backpack (carry on luggage), and other stuff in a suitcase (check in luggage). Besides, the trunk of taxies in some cities are not big enough for two 28 inches luggages. Most taxies in China are VW Satana or Jetta.

Luggages Regulations on Flight

Check in luggages: It is strictly not allowed to take any batteries, unless in devices like electric razor, and any weapons. If you forget to take these out, the security staff will open your luggage and take it away.

Carry-on luggages: You have to take the batteries with you, no any drinks or makeup liquid over 100ml. For security check, they may ask you to take out the laptop, mobile phones, every cameras, all lenses, power bank (you may be not allowed to take no brand sign and exceeding 100 WH power bank on flight) and any other electronic devices from backpack for inspection. Besides, the carry-on luggages can't be over 20 inches, and lighter than 10 KG.

Luggage Regulations on Train

Not than strick like airport, you can take almost everything except flammable things, some spraying makeup could be flammable. The luggage rack is not available for over 28 inches luggages, unless you can get the first row seats at each cabin, there is more space for larger luggages.

Is it easy to buy some camera equipments and clothes in China?

In some landscapes photography destinations and big cities, like Guilin, you could buy almost all mode of cameras and lenses, and price is lower than US market. There are many wearing shopping malls in every cities, but it will be very difficult to find your size, so better to buy from your home.

Camera Gears Rental Service

There are no camera shops in Guilin, Huangshan and Zhangjiajie provide camera and lens rental service. However, we can easily rent cameras and lenses online, just let us know one week in advance, we could get it at your arrival. Check out here to find out what cameras and lenses to bring for a China photo tour.

Suncream and Mosquito Precaution

The temperature of Guilin in summer (June to September) can be 36 centi degrees with humid climate, so suncream could be very necessary when you take photographs in the afternoon. There are many mosquitoes in mountain and river areas, better to use it before heading to outside.